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Risk Factors

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  • Previous suicide attempt

  • Access to lethal methods

  • Impulsive or aggressive tendencies

  • History of depression and other mental illnesses

  • Serious illness such as chronic pain

  • Criminal/legal problems

  • Loss of employment/financial issues

  • Substance use

  • Current or prior history of adverse childhood experiences

  • Sense of hopelessness


  • Bullying and harassment

  • Divorce

  • Family/loved one’s history of suicide

  • Loss of relationships

  • High conflict or violent relationships

  • Social isolation


  • Lack of access to healthcare

  • Suicide cluster in the community

  • Stress of acculturation

  • Community violence

  • Historical trauma

  • Discrimination

  • Stigma associated with help-seeking and mental illness

  • Easy access to lethal means of suicide among people at risk

  • Graphic and sensationalized media portrayals of suicide

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